Aug 23, 2017

  • Trump said many thing in Arizona: racism, border wall and NAFTA.

  • Terrorists that attacked Barcelona last week also planned on planting more bombs in Barcelona. Fuck these guys. (BTW their own HQ blew up killing two of their own people).

  • German police seized 5,000 ecstasy pills with Trump's face:


  • India's Supreme Court has outlawed "instant divorce," a practice that allowed Muslim men to divorce their wives by repeating the word "talaq" three times.

  • New Samsung Note 8 Note8

  • New Taylor Swift album (this shit is news?)

  • Huge Typhoon in Hong Kong

  • Dozens of people were killed in an airstrike that hit the north of Yemen’s capital

  • Whole Foods’ shareholders have officially voted in favor of Amazon’s acquisition of the company

  • Hilary Clinton hates on Trump